Sunday, October 20, 2019

Upcoming Workshop in San Francisco

Hello Friends,

I will be doing an advanced practitioner full day workshop on Quantum Magic 101 (you must be ordained and well-versed in your chosen path. This is not a class for initiates). 

The workshop will take place in San Francisco on November 8, and limited to a small group. We have 4-5 already, and I prefer to cap this at 8 max. If there is enough interest in Houston, I will do the same workshop there too.

1pm-2:30pm - meet for lunch
2:30 - 3:30pm - guided supplies quest at local crystal shop
3:30 - 4pm - travel to Class Location 
4pm - 6pm - curriculum 

Part 1: Discussion of where we are today, in this moment, with our physical and higher selves. Short guided journey to find our quantum guides, which are sometimes "hidden" on our journeys. Assessment of strengths and weaknesses for each practitioner, to provide real time methods for improving.

Part 2: Tools and protections, versus limitations - physical, emotional/mental, and metaphysical/astral. Knowing your strengths and using your tools to enact change for healing yourself, others, and the greater good/Earth.

6pm - 7pm - brain break, snacks & hydration or Pub Fare 
7pm - 9pm - curriculum 

Part 3: Getting to know your Crystal Allies from the shop. Short and simple but effective Meditation with the stone you chose; why this is important. Setting up a Crystal Ally Grid, and how grids work in the Quantum World.

Part 4: Enacting Dramatic Change through vision questing, manifesting, and/or vortex access. Learning to use *all* your allies discovered today, and knowing when to stop and face your limitations. Transformation through mindful thinking and being.

9pm to 10pm - Q&A/Discussion (open ended)

Please let me know if you would like to participate, and I will include you on the detailed invitation. 

Fees are $35 per person + an optional $10 donation towards food/drink (or you can bring something to share). Part of the $35 goes towards food and materials for the workshop. The other is for my time and curriculum. :-) Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the evening.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Peace for Paris, British Museum, Symposium and Convocation Dates

We stand in solidarity for the victims of the Paris shootings and bombings. A loss of life so tragic and painful that the need for emotional and physical healing may go on for lifetimes. Say a prayer for Paris, and send your white healing light to brighten the darkness.

Peace for Paris image, created by Jean Jullien

My trip to London was wonderful. I met some amazing people, enjoyed meat pie (I went to Gluten-Hell for it, but I could not resist), and made two significant visits to the British Museum, aside from learning some of the Pagan mysteries of London right under our feet. Here are a few favorite photos from the museum:

The dates for the 2016 Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities have been announced: April 21-24, 2016 at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California. I am accepting presentation proposals immediately, and the spaces are limited. The window for proposals closes on March 1, 2016. A Preliminary Schedule will be posted on April 1, 2016.

Moon Phases by Keith Burns

The dates for Temple of Isis Convocation 2016 are October 7-10, 2016, and the God/Goddess of the year has been announced: Shu and Tefnut. I am also accepting proposals for those presentations as well. The window closes on August 1, 2016. A preliminary Schedule will be posted on September 1st.

Shu and Tefnut Wall Relief

Friday, May 8, 2015

ATTN ALL FOI Priests & Priestesses - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Below is a questionnaire complied by Caitlin Matthews, in conjunction with her event this August in the UK, where Cressida Prior, Steward of the Fellowship of Isis, will be in attendance. It is meant to help shape the next steps and vision of the Fellowship of Isis post-Olivia. Please read the directions and send your responses to Caitlin (not to me). I encourage you to take the time to fill this out thoughtfully and constructively.

-------BEGIN MESSAGE FROM MS. MATTHEWS-------------- CONSULTATION DOCUMENT FOR THE FOI RETREAT: VISION OF THE NEW AEON. Whether you are able to come to the retreat in August or not, here is the consultation document, that I promised to put up. You are the first folk to see it publically. (Full details of the course are on this link:…/Magical%20Courses%20Caitlin…. Booking is via or 01453 759034)

Please return your response to me no later than 1st July 2015, so that we can assess what is arising and make time for these considerations on our retreat. Please email back to CaitlĂ­n Matthews on tigerna9(AT) with FOI RETREAT RESPONSE as your heading. [Note the brackets and the 'AT' are just to foil spammers and should be removed from my email when sending!] Thank you!

The original intention of this questionnaire was to involve all who came and provide us with a well aimed agenda, but in the light of what has subsequently transpired since it was planned, responses are now sought in a wider and international way, as these will be well considered representations of the wider FOI membership. My aim in calling the retreat was to create a space for us to meet with Cressida, since few know her well, and to help us all reconsider where we are as FOI members and where we are going, providing an opportunity to draw inspiration from each other, from the Goddess and to rededicate to the Manifesto. I hope that all who wish to respond will share this document with anyone who is wanting to contribute here.

Everyone who attends this retreat (and those who would like to contribute, even though they can't come) is asked to please consider the following list of points and questions so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel on arrival but have our thoughts, feelings, ideas and suggestions ready available during the short time we are together. Not everything here will resonate with you, but please consider the points and questions that do, as we value your input. If something vital is left out, please do note it below.

As a member of FOI/the priesthood you have a unique sense of what is needed: please consider how your experience can help maintain the collective strength and vision of FOI in a world that is becoming more regulatory, rushed or restricted. Please keep your answers concise!

A. QUESTIONS Consult your personal experience please:
1. What is your sense of the FOI and its place in the world?
2. What is your sense of your Iseum/Lyceum in your community?
3. What in your opinion is working well in FOI?
4. What in your opinion is not working so well in FOI?
5. Are you known/do you know other members of the priesthood locally, in your country, or abroad?
6. How would such a connection serve both you and FOI?
7. Are there aspects of FOI administration that are unclear to you? (e.g. registration of ordinations/consecrations, what to do in difficult cases etc.)
8. What kind of difficulties have you encountered as a leader of an Iseum/Lyceum?( e.g. ask members to leave due to inappropriate behaviour etc.)
9. What support and guidelines do you feel you lack as a member/ of the priesthood?
10. How and where does your own spiritual vision manifest in community service?
11. What special skills do you bring to the FOI?
12. How has your experience of FOI changed since you were first a member?

B. POINTS Please consider the following points for the benefit of alls:
1. How FOI needs to change or adapt to the different conditions of our world.
2. How FOI responds to special difficulties in different countries where members have wars, spiritual persecution etc.
3. The place of FOI and its recognition in Interfaith work and among other faiths.
4. The provision of more professional celebrancy training skills for public rituals.
5. The ethics required of the FOI priesthood within the community.
6. The FOI Manifesto states that all members are equal in status: how do titles (which are merely functions) change or affect this?
7. The FOI has grown and evolved over the last 40 years. How are its networks and proliferations serving the whole?

C. YOUR SUGGESTIONS Please draw upon your expertise and insight.

D. OPTIONAL: If you wish to, please write your contact details here, especially if you are offering any services to FOI.

-----------END MESSAGE FROM MS. MATTHEWS-------------

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Final Schedule Announced for the Symposium

The Final Schedule for the Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities, April 9-12, 2015 at Isis Oasis, is now posted for your viewing pleasure. All vendors are also posted. Volunteer/Work-trade positions are now filled. See you on the 9th!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Preliminary Schedule for the Symposium Announced

The Preliminary Schedule for the Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities has been announced. For students, this satisfies some of your curriculum on the path to ordination. Be blessed and be welcome to attend this wonderful event on April 9-12, 2015 at Isis Oasis.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Statement Issued by FOI Advisory Board - The Star of Tara

*Note: This post is meant to inform, not to opine. It was released via Linda Iles on January 15 via various FOI Facebook Groups.

Statement of the Star of Tara
The Star of Tara

The Star of Tara, an advisory board of the Fellowship of Isis, consists of the following members: Hamsa Devi, David de Roeck, Arthur Freeheart, Maury White-Hereford, Daniel Campbell, Christine Rhone, Johannes Nugroho Onggo Sanusi, Kasey Conder, Carolina A. Amor and Linda Iles. The Star of Tara has issued the following:

Statement- Star of Tara

The Star of Tara, an Advisory Board of the Fellowship of Isis, is committed to upholding the vision of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson. We honor and safeguard the legacy of the work of the three Fellowship of Isis co-founders;continuing their legacy unchanged. We uphold the Fellowship of Isis as initiated by the three co-founders; to resurrect a tenant of vocation to the Divine, be it God or Goddess, furthering awareness of the Goddess, and initiation into Her mysteries. This is as true now as it has always been.

The Star of Tara is for that New Aeon. We still recognize in full the Druid Clan of Dana, Noble Order of Tara, College of Isis, Muses Symposium and types of centers, whether iseums, solar iseums, lyceums, groves and priories under the Sacred FOI Foundation Union Triad. The triad consists of the ArchPriesthood Union, the ArchDruidUnion and the Grand Commander Union. We are here to guide assist and walk with all those who have been called to vocation to the Divine.

The three FOI Co-Founders,Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson created the following methods and practices of the Fellowship of Isis. They were written down by Olivia Robertson and published by Cesara Publications, the private publishing house of the FOI Co-Founders. Each numbered section is an exact quote extracted from the source cited in parentheses.

1. “The Fellowship is dedicated to spreading the religion of all the Goddesses throughout this planet. The Gods are also venerated. The Goddess is seen as Deity, the Divine Mother of all beings, as well as the embodiment of Truth and Beauty.” (Original Version of the FOI Manifesto, 1976)

2. “Creativity comes from the harmony of the psychic and earthly spheres. The Goddess needs our help,that She may bring Her era of happiness, wisdom and creativity to this earth.Each member who chooses to join the Fellowship dedicated to the Goddess may give a unique contribution. Every talent is needed.” (Original Version of the FOI Manifesto, 1976)

3. “The Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis is hereditary in source through the Robertsons of Strathloch, and is passed to priestesses and priests of the Fellowship through the Rite of Ordination, also through touch and oil. Vocation is essential. The Priestesses and Priests may in turn ordain others, either through ceremony or through oil and touch, as was the custom in Ancient Egypt. The ceremony may be conducted at a distance through mutual arrangement.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

4. a. “Vocation from the Goddess is essential for candidates for the Priesthood. When this Vocation is experienced, the would-be candidate should apply to a member of the Priesthood.Preparation varies according to the ways of each Iseum [or lyceum], but an initiatory period of a year would be the minimum time needed. The candidate chooses the Goddess or Goddess and God she/he wishes to serve in order to help the Deity in the Divine Plan. Ordination by Attunement is only used when the applicant is in an isolated position. Preparation may be made through a Correspondence Course.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

b. Ordination is bestowed by the F.O.I.Priesthood through the ceremony “Ordination of Priestesses and Priests”, the Rite inspired by Isis for the F.O.I. Liturgy. The same Ordination ceremony conveyed through Telepathic Attunement is as effective as the physical Rite.Telepathy is the language of the New Aeon. (Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis,second edition, 1995)

5. “The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, the F.O.I. itself, it has always been alive in the Inner Planes. It is from these Inner Planes that its return has been inspired. As the College of Isis is part of the Fellowship, the ideal of the Manifesto also apply. The qualities of Goodness, Harmony and Wisdom are manifested through a multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural Fellowship which honours the good in all faiths. Magi degrees may be conferred through Lyceums of the College.Correspondence courses are offered. There are no vows nor secrecy.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992, Second Version of the FOI Manifesto,1992)

6. “The Goddess Isis alone is Head of Her Fellowship. Within Her Family - Shemsu - all members will still have equal privileges. Membership will continue to be free. F.O.I. is not a Patriarchal Hierarchy, so no member can have spiritual authority over another. Iseums, Lyceums, Groves and Priories will remain on equal footing. Titles describe work undertaken, and are not a badge of authority over people or beliefs.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

7. “Each Lyceum, through its Dedication, is twinned with an initial Iseum, thus bringing the College into close communion with the wider network of Iseums. The Dedicatory Divine Names of Power of Goddess, or Goddess and God manifest particular attributes of the Deities concerned in the Iseum - Lyceum. Therefore there can be no set curriculum for the College. Deity in its eternal Being contains all aspects mirrored forth through the whole Company of Heaven, from Deities to birds. Thus Hierophants, through inspiration from their particular Deity or Deities,produce their own training Course. This reflects the democratic character of the Fellowship …” (Original College of Isis Manual, 1992)

8. (a.) “The Liturgy of the Fellowship of Isis has been inspired by She whose name it bears; She who is crowned with the stars, is robed by the sun and standeth upon the moon. It deals with earthly, psychic and spiritual spheres.” (Original College of Isis Manual, 1992)

(b.) “All the Arts strengthen Ritual and bring about purposeful changes. When ancient liturgies are recited and words of Power uttered, sound reverberates through the centuries, note calling to note. Words are uttered, even in translation, they reiterate those used in temples for thousands of years. In these Rites for the Fellowship of Isis, ancient invocations, hymns and dialogues are used from ancient liturgies from many religions. For the time has come when Iris, the rainbow messenger, is forming a pattern of beauty from many faiths. … So in these Rites prayers and hymns are used from Karnak, Babylon, Africa, the Norselands, India, China, Japan, the Celtic countries. For all are relevant, and without one faith the planetary symphony is deficient.” (Introduction,"Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess" FOI liturgy book, written by Olivia Robertson, 1988)

9. "As the Goddess Isis inspired the ArchPriesthood Union, so the GoddessDana and the Goddess Tara have inspired the foundation of the ArchDruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara. This triad brings into harmony the Priesthood, the Mysteries and Philosophy, and Environmental Activity. The inspired guidance came through Rt.Rev. Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis, USA. The three Unions form a triad of equal importance, they are on the same level, share the same format and same scope of work. All three Foundation Unions are protected by the Wings of Isis,inspired by the Holy Grael of Dana and strengthened by the Sacred Mounds of Tara." (Announcement by Olivia Robertson, published in Isian News, Issue no. 134, Samhain, 2009; Isis-Seshat Journal, Issue no. 24, December, 2009)

The above statement is supported by the following, who are pledged to honor and safeguard the legacy of the work of the three Fellowship of Isis co-founders; continuing their legacy unchanged, which also includes all the FOI centres and communities they represent in perpetuity:

Star of Tara Advisory Board
Circle of Isis Advisory Board
Circle of the Sacred Cauldron Advisory Board
FOI Germany
Fellowship of Isis Central
Fellowship of Isis Utah
Circulo de Isis
FOI Chicago
FOI London
Irmandade de Isis
Compagnia de Iside