The Iseum of the Awakened Ab was founded in January of 2014 by Reverend and High Priestess Rain Graves, after a long consideration of persons with like-minded interests and practices wishing to get together on a frequent basis to share knowledge and magic in San Francisco, and continuing the success of the first Annual Inner Sanctum Symposium of Infinite Possibilities in 2014 at Temple of Isis Headquarters, Isis Oasis.

It is an organic group of positive magical people, initiates, and scholars who have made their life's work studying and working with the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, as well as Druid, Dianic, and Noble Order of Tara traditions. We welcome other traditions and manifestations celebrating the sacred and Divine Feminine, and we do not exclude the Divine Masculine. We believe in balance.

As ordained priests and priestesses in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis (or both), we perform sacred rites, equinox and solstice ceremonies, weddings, funerals, feast days, and monthly gatherings to bond and share knowledge. Our High Priestess also offers initiate training to exceptional candidates seeking ordination. Others in our group may offer sponsorship as well.

We often work at Isis Oasis/Temple of Isis headquarters on volunteer days, as well as attending rites and rituals there, connecting with community. Our priestesses and priests make house calls to those in need, hospital, hospice, and last rites visitations, as well as offer spiritual counseling to others. We offer services to charity organizations, too.

Perhaps the best and most fun part of this Iseum are the regular potluck dinners, meetings, and occasional fun excursions to Goddess events and conventions/gatherings.

Our mantra is DO NO HARM.